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Property Details

The company manufactures sports and active leisure clothing (massive manufacture), sports clothing manufacture for different sports organizations and teams (individual orders), also manufacture of sports fans goods, flags, and other clothing production.

Also the company is offering sports clothing manufacturer related services: sublimation and serigraphy services on sports clothing, termo print, embroidery, design creation related to sports clothing services.

The company has its own sports clothing Brand name, which is used in manufacturing own brand marked sports clothing.

The company is doing Wholesale and Retail trade on-line selling own brand sports clothing production.

Key Aspects

Almost 30 years existing business what is dealing in Lithuanian and foreign countries markets with perfect business reputation and having great knowledge on a market, Fully active and profitable, near one million Eur generating sports and active leisure clothing manufacture business with full „know-how“ how to operate it.

  • Well known national sports clothing brand name.
  • Clients from foreign countries data base, trustful manufacturer reputation and long-term duration contracts.
  • The company owns 832,53 sq/m of industrial building space, which is located in one of the most prestige part of second town (how many population) in Lithuania, Kaunas, Žaliakalnis discrict. The company is co-owner of whole business territory -– 16 are and joint ownership of totally whole business land territory – 0,56 hectare.
  • Because the business is located in one of the most attractive parts of Kaunas city, Real Estate value from the business is regularly growing by 7-17 % during last three years and because limited supply on a market, for sure will continue to grow up its value.
  • Also no long-term debts or financial commitments.
  • Regarding professional business valuation expertise, Current value of the business is no less 850 000 Eur (The expertise date – 3rd of October 2022).

Lithuania as a country is really attractive and right place for such a business: because the country is a member of European Union (EU), because the government of Lithuania is regularly creating attracting business makro environment, the country is politically and economically stable for long years, also safe (NATO member), the country is really independent if talk about energetic resources, also quite low The Corruption Index, quite low producing costs compare how qualified labor force and its costs.

Key Indicators

Period EndingRevenue sourceRevenue, EurGross profit, EurAdjusted EBITDA, EurOwn assets value, Eur
31 12 2020Actual1 276 189131 55051 392565 615
31 12 2021Actual950 972117 85641 381632 517
31 12 2022Actual1 011 080119 83839 832661 730

Opportunities to grow the business

  • Organic growth with existing and new manufacturing customers. The company has loyal Clients what regularly order production from Lithuania and also foreign countries: United Kingdom, Germany, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, connections with them are long duration and continues for much more than ten years.
  • Possibility to invest much more into own brand marketing and increase own brand marked production sales amount.
  • Possibility to expand internet sales amount of own brand production.

Potential buyers

  • Sports clothing manufacturer who wants to reduce producing costs, expand production ammount, to produce in EU country.
  • Sports clothing selling business owner, who is selling individually ordered team wear for different kind of sports, also active leisure, working clothing.
  • Any investor, who wants to invest in Baltic countries region, getting stable and trustful investment guarantee and long term growing value of his investment.
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