Overseas 30+ Year-Old Well-Established Metal Constructions Company


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Property Details

– Active and healthy business operating for the last 34 years in the design, construction, and supervision of industrial metal buildings, prefabricated houses, and energy projects. The company is located in Greece,  20 km from the Bulgarian border and 90 km from the Turkish border.

– Over the years it has supplied metal and conventional buildings to private clients, public tenders, NGOs like UNHCR & DRC, and companies from Bulgaria & North Macedonia.


  1. Metal processing machinery.
  2. Installations facilities for production.
  3. Photovoltaic system of 250 KW on the roof of the building with an income of EUR 80,000 per year for a total of 11 years (total income EUR 880,000).
  4. Standalone photovoltaic power consumption system of 20 kW on the roof.
  5. Means of transport.
  6. Lifting vehicles.


The company can be subsidized for 50% to 60% of the cost of future construction, modernization, or purchase of machinery and equipment in the following operations:

  1. Future extension of a building of approximately 900 sq. m.
  2. Modernization of existing buildings and mechanical equipment.
  3. Purchase of machinery, equipment, and cars.
  4. The average duration and value of the project depend on the final demand for the project required.

An industrial building of 500 sq. m. requires 2-3 months from the first to the last step (design to ready to use) at a total value of EUR 200,000-250,000.

The company depending on the orders can simultaneously work on two or three projects.

Products & Services Overview

– Design, construction, and supervision of industrial metal buildings (foundation, concrete, metal frame, coatings, slabs, electromechanical installations, and offices)

– Design, construction, and supervision of prefabricated houses and portable residential buildings (concierge, parking, offices, and warehouses)

– Energy projects: design, construction, and supervision of energy-saving projects such as:

Roof photovoltaic (net-metering), photovoltaic parks, autonomous systems, and autonomous streetlights.

Assets Overview

Physical assets include owned land of 8,226.00 sq. m. , facility building of 4,170.00 sq. m. , all installations needed for the building according to the law; machines, and auxiliary machinery; transport facilities like crane, trucks, and Clarks; lifted work platforms.

Intangible assets include our quality certifications.

Facilities Overview

Owned land of 8,226.00 sq. m. on which we have building facilities area of 4,170.00 sq. m. , production buildings spread over 3,320.00 sq. m. , an exhibition space 107.00 sq. m. , warehouses of 280.00 sq. m. , offices of 470.00 sq. m. , and a surrounding area.

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