Whether you are a qualified hairdresser, beauty therapist or entrepreneur, buying a hair salon can be a hugely appealing proposition for many people.

Like Elvis Presley, jeans and Dr Marten boots, hair salons will simply never go out of fashion as everyone wants to look glamorous.

The beauty industry is a growing one with women desperate to have great hair, fantastic nails and silky, smooth skin. Throw in the potential of offering aesthetic treatments too and you can really be a lucrative one-stop shop for clients.

Buying a hairdressing salon, beauty clinic or tanning salon can be a huge investment. But you can let City Business Brokers take the strain out of any purchase. We have helped thousands of people buy their dream business over the past decade and our team of experienced professionals are ready to help you do the same.

City Business Brokers will guide you through the process of buying a small business step by step, making sure that you have everything in place to hit the ground running once any deal has been completed. Whether it is in Birmingham, Northampton, Oxford or elsewhere in the UK, we will ensure the correct procedures have been followed from the start and that you have the correct information and documentation to begin the next exciting chapter in your life.

Running your own hair salon offers lots of potential. You could complement your hairdressing services alongside a nail bar, a tanning studio, offer luxurious hair and skin products. The world is literally your oyster. And of course, buying an existing small business gives you the opportunity to capitalise on a loyal customer base. The business may have a great reputation now, but with your passion, determination and fresh ideas, you could turn it into a roaring success. So if you have seen someone is selling a hair salon and you want to buy it, get in touch.

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