The convenience-store market is big business. The industry association IGD predicts that the sector will have grown 17 per cent to £44bn between 2015 and 2020. It’s a hugely challenging industry to be involved in, but it’s also a hugely rewarding one too.

If you have ever thought about buying your own convenience store but been left baffled by the whole buying process, let City Business Brokers guide you through it step by step. Our highly skilled business brokers have helped thousands of people become their own boss over the past decade. From buying a hair salon to buying a coffee shop, if you have seen a business for sale in Birmingham, our team of professional brokers will help you become your own boss.

When you think of convenience stores your mind instantly thinks of the traditional corner shop, the lifeblood of the community. The humble convenience store has withstood the demands from modern consumers and the challenge of big retailers muscling in on their territory by doing what it does best, being convenient. A convenience store will be open all hours of the day and you can find almost anything inside from the essentials of milk and bread to sweeping brushes and water pistols.

At City Business Brokers we have a range of traditional local convenience stores for sale. But within that umbrella we also sell greengrocers, dry cleaning laundry businesses and more. So if you are looking to extend your empire of shops or become your own boss, City Business Brokers can help those plans become a reality.

For someone with bags of energy and a love for people, owning your own convenience store will be the best career move you could ever make.

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